Interativo – Brasil x Argentina – 3ª Rodada

Melhores Momentos – Brasil x Argentina – 3ª Rodada


Sobre Glauber da Rocha

Estudante de Direito e torcedor do San Antonio Spurs desde 2007

Publicado em 30/08/2009, em Brasil, Copa América 2009, Interativo. Adicione o link aos favoritos. 1 comentário.

  1. Sorry for writing in English as I’m from Malaysia. Hope you don’t mind me commenting here about the on going FIBA Americas. As expected with the absence of Team USA, this competition has turned out to be much more than exciting than ever. There is no telling what can happened even after day 4.

    So far I believe only Brazil and Puerto Rico are the true championship contender while DR and Canada or Uruguay and to certain extent maybe Venezuela can be the dark horse. My team has always been Argentina as I’m really sad to see the current state of the team. Thank God they won against Panama but that will not guarantee anything as their next match against DR will tough as ever.

    If they finished fourth in their group, then their quarter final match up against Costa Rica will be extremely tough for them to break the top four for the automatic berth. But I feel that FIBA will award them a wild card birth based on their strong world ranking.

    Please check out my match report on the Argentina vs. Panama game and I would really appreciate if you give your take on this game and what to expect from the DR game.

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